Each article manufactured by Erbas SA is 100% «Swiss Made» guaranteed and is in-house produced in Mendrisio’s headquarters, as well as the 90% of the components. We control every manufacturing step, from development to final assembling. This allows us to guarantee to our customers a proper and highly appreciated service thanks to our flexibility and respect of delivery terms. Our moulding team disposes of a complete range of state-of-the art machinery. Our logistics guarantee an accurate finite capacity planning with the support of an MRP system, as well as a precious metals management. The integration of several skills into our manufacturing process allows us to make small and big prototypes within very short deadlines.


The creation of a clasp, case or bracelet starts in the research and development unit. A team of qualified engineers and technicians develops each product on the base of a drawing, a sketch or a CAD «Pro Engineer» elaborated prototype. The technical department guaranties the definition of the production processes, the planning, the feasibility studies, the operations’ analysis, the preparation of the technical dossier, the realization of prototypes and the project’s development. In co-operation with the «Schedules and Methods» department, the R&D team optimizes the manufacturing method with the creation of specific production, processing and assembling instruments.


All our products are 100% «Swiss Made» guaranteed.

In compliance with the Swiss law, we guarantee the traceability – from the raw material to the finished product – of every manufactured piece. In order to guarantee the quality standards of the «luxury articles» – both on functional and aesthetic points of view – we have implemented different preventive and corrective actions allowing us to assure the respect of the obligations agreed upon with the customer:

  • every workspace is provided with clear operating instructions
  • SPC: dimension and aesthetic control
  • we always guarantee a higher quality standard for each article because all our products are 100% tested during the final visitage.


Erbas SA’s current management structure can successfully meet the needs of our clientele, mostly belonging to the «luxury segment». We have a substantial machinery inventory and our in-house expertise includes several operations:

  • cutting – moulding – calibration
  • turning and CNC milling (3-4-5-6 axis): semifinished products, bar stock, transfert
  • finishing: satellite vibratory finishing, grinding, frosting, cleaning
  • welding: brazing – TIG – laser (AC, Titanium, MP)
  • engraving: mechanical – laser
  • assemblaggio: manuale e automatizzato
  • assembling: manual and computerized


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