Since 1947 Erbas SA has been an independent company operating in the precision mechanics field and, since 1970, in the watchmaking sector. Equipped with an important know-how, it uses state-of-the-art facilities and machinery. The tooling production, the operating cycle and the final polishing are in-house based.

In close co-operation with our customers, we accomplish:
  • Product Concept and Design
  • Research of Solutions and Techniques
  • Planning and Prototypes
  • Zero series.


The company was established in 1947 and based on the manufacturing of sewing machines’ components. The evolution of social habits and of the market in the early Seventies (the sewing machine was no longer an «essential» tool) showed the necessity to convert the activity into a watchmaking industry for the manufacturing of pin buckles and clasps for watch bracelets. In a short time the inspired investments, the good trend of business and the excellent business relations made it possible for the company to be successful in the watch sector, to gain a large clientele and to improve the quality of products in order to satisfy the customers of the luxury segment. The company successfully gained a solid experience in the manufacturing of products in steel, titanium and precious metals (every shade of gold, palladium and platinum). In 1997 the business moved into the present headquarters – which accommodate the administration offices and the manufacturing – and initiated a production diversification in the creation of watch cases and in the development of jewellery articles thanks to joint methods of moulding and numerical control manufacturing.


Our business values are the result of a constantly growing savoir-faire based on the experience, the invention and the passion which the company keeps preserving and improving every day in the different aspects of our craftsmanship and industrial activity. The introduction of new technologies in manufacturing and controlling contributes to the improvement of our products’ performance, reliability and precision. Erbas SA’s mission consists in guarantying the company’s continuity and duration. Quality is the primary element of our business culture, therefore we are «Total Quality Management» oriented.


Erbas SA is one of the few watch components’ manufacturers still independent from the biggest watch producers. More than 100 people work for us in the manufacturing of cases, pin buckles, 2 blade – 3 blade deployment clasps, metallic bracelets, stainless steel, titanium and precious metals jewellery. All our articles are 100% «Swiss Made» guaranteed. Creativity, precision and acquired references as well as a network of highly reliable suppliers are an essential part of a business philosophy aimed at the constant improvement of our products and services. Thanks to its style and savoir-faire, Erbas SA continues its innovating tradition supported by a large quantity of registered patents. The manufacturing site is located in Mendrisio (Ticino) and benefits from a source of fundamental and highly qualified manpower partly coming from the close Lombardy Region.

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